Who We Are - Innovators in Cybersecurity

Our Values

Above all else d.moat Inc. is responsible to uphold the interests and wellbeing of its customers, employees and people in the communities it reaches.


As Internet of Things(IoT) surround and impacts all aspects of our everyday lives. Our company's vision is to create a hacker safe IoT environment in your home or small business.


Our mission is to help our customers achieve our vision by providing them with an affordable, reliable and easy to use home or small business network security monitoring device.

Social Responsibility

We have a strong position in social reasonability, with diversity and equal opportunity at the core of our company culture and sustainability at the core of our corporate philosophy.

For real-time support and questions about d.moat operations, registered users can use the instant support feature in the mobile app to chat directly with the engineers. If you would like to email us a question, you can send it to: support@dmoat.com

Toll-Free Number

10411 Motor City Dr Suite #750, Bethesda, MD 20817, USA.

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Questions about privacy policy or terms of use: hello@dmoat.com