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Customer Diaries


Tech Enthusiast

Jake is an early adopter and loves to buy new gadgets but doesn’t want to worry about cyber safety. He has read horror stories of how these gadgets can collect usage information. With d.moat, Jake can enjoy his new toys and always know when & what type of information these gadgets are sending out.



Sara works from home and is a mother of two young children. She wants to safeguard her work data and keep kid’s safe online. With d.moat, she found a critical vulnerability in the wifi router & default password on the security camera. Both issue were easy to fix and significantly improved her network security. d.moat also gave Sara insights into her kid’s device usage so she could have a productive discussion on screen time limits.


Elderly Parents

Jason’s parents are in their 70s. They use their smartphone and tablet to stay in touch with friends and also manage their finances online. Jason bought a d.moat for his parents so they could continue to enjoy their time online without falling for a phishing email or a malicious attack. d.moat’s sensors also keep Jason informed about the temperature and air quality in their home to ensure they are comfort

Ensure your family's digital wellbeing

  • 24/7 Threat blocking: Continous protection ensures your loved ones are safe no matter what they are up to online.
  • Screen Time: Easily set time limits for playtime or schedule device free time to connect with your kids & loved ones.
  • Content Filtering: d.moat enables you to restrict access to objectionable websites & content.

Why every home network needs a d.moat?


Increase in IoT malware, making these devices an attack vector


Americans experienced ID theft


Americans are now working from home


WiFi routers are vulnerable to attack

'I'm in your baby's room': Nest cam hack

Nest cam hacks show risk of internet-connected devices.

Read more: NBC News

FBI warns about smart TVs spying on you

That smart TV you just bought may be spying on you.

Read more: CNN

Hackers Breach Ring Home Security Cameras

Unnerved owners of the devices reported recent hacks in 4 states.

Read more: NY Times

How d.moat protects my network

U.S federal department NIST developed a cybersecurity framework for enterprises. We incorporated the same NIST playbook in d.moat to ensure security & privacy for the entire family in one user friendly product.

1. Identify

The first step to a secure network begins with identifying which devices are connected and if those devices should be allowed on the network. d.moat identifies all computers, smartphones, TVs, connected gadgets, and users that are connected to your home network.

2. Protect

You can’t install protective software on connected devices like thermostats, or smart speakers so you need network wide protection. d.moat protects all connected devices against viruses, malware, & spyware, privacy attacks, and malicious hacks.

3. Detect

d.moat is more powerful than a firewall and provides continuous protection against both inside & outside threats. d.moat software is continuously updated so it detects and neutralizes new threats as soon as they are discovered.

4. Respond

d.moat blocks malicious threats and immediately notifies you through the free mobile app. You also receive notifications on unusual device activity and new device connections.

d.moat protects every connected device

Don't leave your smart home cybersecurity to chance. Take control of your digital environment.

Complete home network security

Discover who’s connected, what’s happening, and control who’s allowed access.

Security without slowing down

Ensure home network security against cyber threats without any degradation of internet speed.

Block cyber threats

d.moat uses a powerful intrusion prevention and detection to block malicious threats.

Safeguard important information

If you WFH, protect your corporate assets against unauthorized access.

Monitor indoor air quality

Protect your well-being & health with built-in air quality, humidity, and temperature sensors.


No subscription fees. d.moat apps are free and available on iOS and Android devices.

No Monthly Fees

Free iOS & Android apps

Voice Control

30 Days money back guarantee

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Processor ARM 64-bit Quad Core A53 Cortex
Memory DDR3 1GB
Storage 8GB Flash
Network 1x1GB Ethernet (1000 MB)
Sensors Air Quality, Temperature, and Humidity
Saftey RoHS, UL Compliant
d.moat dimensions 6 (l) x 4.5 (w) x 1 (h) inches
Retail box dimensions 7 (l) x 6.5 (w) x 3 (h) inches
d.moat unit weight 0.6 lb
Weight with packaging 1.32 lb
Warranty 1 year Limited Warranty

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What is d.moat?

d.moat is a unique product that allows you to discover network connected devices, detect cybersecurity threats, intrusions, known malware, anomalous device behavior, communication failure, and perform vulnerability assessment on discovered devices.

Where is the product identifier?

Product identifier is located at the bottom of the d.moat unit. You can either enter the product identifier or scan the QR code, which should automatically populate the product identifier field. Please enter the product identifier code manually, if you are unable to scan the QR code.

How does d.moat protect my network?

d.moat uses enterprise grade cybersecurity software to discover, detect, and defend against malicious attacks. During the discovery phase, d.moat identifies the connected devices and learns their trusted behavior and then automatically detects any abnormal behavior to alert the user. d.moat also blocks any malicious activity to proactively shut down both insider and outside attacks.

How does d.moat keep up with the changing threat landscape?

The d.moat team is always on the lookout to research and identify any known threats that are identified in the cyber realm. As soon as a remedial action is developed, it is automatically pushed to each d.moat using our proprietary software update mechanism. No user intervention is required to update the software, so you can be assured that your d.moat is always running the latest software as long as it is connected to the Internet.

What type of information does d.moat collect about my network and usage patterns?

The majority of the processing is performed on the d.moat inside your network and very little information is transmitted. The majority of today’s network traffic is encrypted so the actual traffic payload is hidden from d.moat. d.moat only observes the network traffic metadata to perform its behavioral analysis.

Does d.moat sell any information collected from my network?

We take your privacy very seriously. We do not sell any information collected from our user’s network.

Having issues with d.moat setup or in the discovery phase?

d.moat enters into the discovery phase after a new account is successfully setup. You need to wait for the discovery process to complete. You will be shown a confirmation dialog when the discovery is complete. If for any reason, d.moat is unable to complete, its discovery process, please unplug the power adapter and try again.

Why can't I sign up with multiple accounts on my d.moat?

Right now, we don’t support this feature. You can only sign up with one account on your d.moat.

What purpose do the d.moat LED color indicators serve?

In addition to sending you alerts through the mobile apps, d.moat also conveys certain information through its multi-color LEDs. For further details refer to the LED Colors section in the help manual.

d.moat showing solid red color on the LED indicators?

LED indicators will show solid red color when d.moat encounters a failure in its boot-up process. Usually, this issue can be fixed by removing the power adapter and reconnecting it to allow d.moat to boot-up again.

What is the indication of a successful d.moat boot up?

After a successful boot up d.moat LED indicators will blink red, green, and blue in a cycle. Each of the LEDs will light up for 3 seconds before transitioning to the next color.

How does d.moat gets its system updates?

d.moat automatically updates itself, the LED indicators rapidly blink green when the update is being received. Please don’t unplug either power or network cable until the update is complete. d.moat’s mobile app’s functions will not be hindered during the update.

How can I refresh the main page/dashboard of the d.moat app?

Please tap on the home icon in the left corner of the bottom tab bar to refresh the dashboard.

What does the circle on the application main screen represent?

This is just the graphical representation of number of alerts with respect to their type. You can tap on (...) icon to get more info about these alerts.

If I have a problem or need to report an issue how can I do that?

You can use the chat communication within the mobile app to report any issues or get help on any topic.

Why can't I get the alert info by touching on the circle?

This circle is just the graphical representation of number of alerts and it is ready only information. If you want to get more information about the alerts then please tap on the (...) icon next to Alerts

Is there a help manual or feature guide?

A feature guide is included in the mobile app. You can access it from the Help & Tutorials section.

How can I view the help manual?

Please tap on the menu button on the top right section of the dashboard screen and select ‘Help & Tutorials’. Under the ‘d.moat Guides’ section you can view the help guide referred to as 'features guide' in this section.

Does d.moat affect my internet speed?

No, d.moat doesn’t affect your internet speed in anyway.

Do the d.moat mobile apps cost money?

The d. moat mobile apps are free.

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